Ride Finder QR Code

To coincide with Super Bowl XLV the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is rolling out a big campaign reminding sports fans not to drink and drive. As well as TV ads, radio ads and digital billboards there are QR Coded bar posters (image below). The QR Code resolves to the TxDOT Ride Finder mobile website where users can find numbers for local cab companies, view public transport options and tweet friends to ask for a safe ride home.

Texas Department of Transportation QR Coded posterTexas Department of Transportation ride finder mobile site

3 thoughts on “Ride Finder QR Code”

  1. I like the background on the mobile site. And, I LOVE when you click phone a friend it says “Use the phone in your hands…”

    I think that its great that they are using technology to make sure that people can get home safe, but I question if you are that “tipsy” that I hope scanning a QrCode is easy enough for them.

  2. Innovative and yet simple. Another good example of how these codes can be used effectively – simplifying access to information. Immediacy + convenience = Good adoption!

    I agree with the comment above regarding the ability to “focus” amongst the “target audience”!

  3. More brands need to create mobile smartsites like the one above to effectively utilize QR code landing pages.

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