Red Bull QR Codes

Red Bull is trying out QR Codes in a number of international markets at the moment (images below). The most interesting is a QR Code on a limited edition 4-Pack which promotes the first ever National Red Bull Flugtag competition taking flight in Chicago, Dallas/Ft Worth, Long Beach, Miami, and Washington DC on the same day, September 21. This is an event where competitors attempt to fly home made human powered flying machines by launching themselves off a 30ft high pier into the sea. The QR Code resolves to a competitive mobile game offering a grand prize of a chance to fly their creation at the event. The game allows users to create a flying machine, choosing their cockpit, propeller, wings, a tail, and adding flair such as facial hair/mustaches, hats, neckpieces and more. The winner will be chosen on a combination of distance flown (in the game) and creativity.

In the UK Red Bull are producing a limited edition can featuring the world renowned stunt rider Travis Pastrana with a QR Code resolving to exclusive video content and a prize draw for a chance to see Travis perform at a live show.

QR Codes on new Red Bull cans in Australia and New Zealand resolve to the company’s mobile web site.

New Red Bull 4-pack packaging
Red Bull 4-pack packaging QR Code
UK Red Bull can with a QR Code
Red Bull Australia QR Code can

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