$550k For a Rebranded QR code

MSKYNET have received $550K venture capital funding to roll out their SPARQCodes (rebranded QR Codes). Others in this space using a propriotory proprietary or rebranded open source code include BeeTagg, QubeTag, Scanbuy EZcode, JAGTAG, Microsoft Tag and AT&T Create-a-Code. Will they all survive?

2 thoughts on “$550k For a Rebranded QR code”

  1. propriotory = proprietary

    To your point:

    * No, they will not all survive, and it’s also possible that the Company who becomes #1 is even in the market yet?

    * Each of the Companies you mention offers something slightly different. mSkyNet appear to offer an easy to read QR Tag, analytics AND the ability for users to access the data without a Reader via MMS (like Jagtag, but, with an either/or option). Microsoft has what may be the best success rate for resolving codes, but, they are a closed system. Jagtag just plain works but what happens when people get used to Readers and don’t want to key in shortcodes? The point is, we’ve all created a lot of confusion in the marketplace at the most basic level.

    * The largest problem right now is that these are all being pushed to the consumer-level where (a) Tags rarely resolve on first attempt, or, (b) a proprietary reader is required, or, (c) content comes back to the user that is inappropriate for the location and experience or is just plain dumb and has wasted their time.

    Until someone does a campaign with 1-million scans, I think we’re all failing somewhere along the line.

    Who will survive and thrive? Maybe whomever provides full services from Tag through user engagement and action. Someone who see’s this as a single experience, not separate technologies?

    Or, will all Tags vanish due to such poorly executed early campaigns and confusion in the marketplace?

  2. Roger, You left out Tappinn. I’m glad because that is what drives us. It’s ALL about CONTENT. We are ahead of the companies above for this reason alone with ZERO funding.

    Tappinn.com – BEYOND the CODE. You ain’t seen NOTHIN yet.

    Nick Ford

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