Railway Poster QR Code

London commuters are about to see a series of QR Coded posters encouraging them to give up the rat race and relocate to Somerset. The railway poster advertising campaign was commissioned by the inward investment body, Into Somerset and will feature in mainline and commuter stations in and around London. The QR Code decodes to a BeeTag domain url which redirects to Into Somerset’s website.

Poster with a QR Code to encourage moving to Somerset
Poster with QR Code for London commuters
Poster QR Code

2 thoughts on “Railway Poster QR Code”

  1. Somerset really is somewhere where you and your business can grow. This ad campaign looks really great encouraging folk to think about their future while spending far too much time travelling on trains and waiting at railway stations. I really LOVE the QR coding proving beyond doubt that Somerset is full of innovation and entrepreurship.
    Great way of life, short commute times – like being on holiday all the time!

  2. Good use of this technology.

    Getting this website on the tube is escapism for those of us tired of commuting.

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