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I have been talking with French entrepeneur Fabrice Le Peutrec about his new magazine QweekR. This free magazine is completely interactive, using QR Codes to link to online content of local interest in the Nantes and Loire Atlantique region (images below). Published bi-weekly (16 pages in A5 format) it is based on 90 QR codes that point to online content including articles, videos and blog posts. The first issue was 15 December with a print run of 3,000 and was funded by local advertisers. I posted on a Japanese QR Coded magazine in 2008 ‘QR Code Only Magazine‘ but QweekR is in a different class altogether. I particularly liked one of the ideas in the first issue where half a QR Code was published in the magazine and the other half was on display in an unnamed restaurant. The first person to resolve the code won a free meal at the restaurant! If successful Fabrice hopes to move into other major French cities and you can follow QweekR’s progress on Facebook.

Inside pages of the magazine
Cover of the first issue of the magazine

5 thoughts on “New QR Code Magazine”

  1. Only problem will be that the codes are too close to each other. Some devices have very quick scanners, and large target areas which will accidentally scan neighboring codes. A recommendation would be to stagger alternating rows.

  2. Hello.

    I’m fabrice Le Peutrec, the editor of Qweekr.
    @awayBBL Thank you for this advice. I am going to look this closely.

    Have nice day.

  3. You have an interesting concept! I do think that they are to close to each other, my 2D scanner had a difficult time.

    Any ideas for the US?

    Kelly Crammer

  4. @Kelly Crammer Thanks. For the number #002, the bubbles are smaller than in the one and farest of QRcode.
    For US why don’t make a Walk of Fame with QR codes 😉

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