QRmovie Integrates QR Codes Into A Moving Image

Nerdindustries (great name!), a German innovation lab based in Hamburg have developed a software solution that integrates QR Codes into a moving image (video below). Developed as an Adobe After Effects plugin QRmovies allows single movie sequences or even whole films to be easily transformed into an adaptive QR Code. Only announced two days ago and with a couple of initial clients likely to come on board soon this is definitely one to watch. Try scanning the QR Codes in the video and you may be surprised how easy they scan!

Screenshot from the QRMovie video

1 thought on “QRmovie Integrates QR Codes Into A Moving Image”

  1. Well… my scanner got it right on the second try and therefore I can say the technology has a way to go but seems promising – However, I fully expected to be transported to an optimized mobile experience.

    Unfortunately I was not. I certainly hope that the reason for this was because this was merely being presented as a demonstration.

    If for any other reason, then it clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding of what the end result of user action should be and lack of knowledge about what user who are tech savvy enough to even scan expect to see when the QR code has done it’s job.

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