The World’s First QR Code Exhibition

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Subtitle: The World’s First QR Code Exhibition Taking Place in London

Date: Wednesday 15th May 2012

With brands, businesses and organisations around the world now embracing QR Codes®, QR Pay Ltd are pleased to announce “QR World Expo” the first ever QR Code focused exhibition and conference taking place at the prestigious Royal Horticultural Halls in London on the 24th October 2012. The event is the perfect opportunity for industry experts, developers, agencies, marketers and brands to join together in central London and embrace the power and potential of QR Codes.

With an increasing global reliance on digital and mobile devices, QR Codes have rapidly become a key solution to bridge the gap between online and offline media. For one day only, QR World Expo will play host to a wide range of specialist companies, speakers and exhibitors providing you with an insight into everything QR Code related.

“We have seen QR Code usage grow successfully year on year and with this in mind we felt it was time to create a QR Code focused event and hence the QR World Expo was born” said Adam Leese, Head of Operations at QR World Expo. “We hope to bring industry specialists, service providers and users of the technology together to share ideas, discuss experiences and promote innovation. London will be our first event with a US and Far East event planned for 2013.”

The exhibition will feature some of the hottest QR Code products and services as well as talks and discussions from the best in the business. QR World Expo is now inviting potential speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to register their details so that they can be part of this new and exciting QR Code event.

Register your interest today at

About QR Pay Ltd: QR World Expo 2012 will be sponsored by QR Pay Ltd, a specialist technology company that focuses on the new and exciting area of Mobile Payments and QR Codes. QR Pay offers a range of QR Code related products including QR Pal, QR Pay, QR Track and QR API. QR Pay aim to provide the most useful products relating to QR Codes that utilize the latest technologies to help improve our lives, improve our businesses and save us time.

For more information and details about QR World Expo please contact:

Twitter: @qrworldexpo

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