Are You QRious?

Telstra Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company has launched a viral video campaign Are you QRious? with a daily countdown to a 1st July announcement (probably the release of a range of QR Code compatible phones). The video shows assorted people building a large QR Code piece by piece on a pedestrian walkway.

Edit June 26, 2008 Telstra press release.

7 thoughts on “Are You QRious?”

  1. just a correction to my last post…the qr code built links to a site currently allows the viewing & down load of the video and the music….

    lets hope Telstra use QR code to its full potential in Australia

  2. I have looked into these QR codes and even though they have been successful in Asia, there are next generation technologies already to go in Australia.

    I read about one company called “myclick” who uses image recoginition to provide WAP content etc… surely this is the way of the future? you would think by the 21st century we would stop using these ugly bar codes.

    Just my thoughts!

  3. Unfortunately, they’re calling them “Telstra Mobile Codes”, and saying that it’s a “World First”, two things that we know not to be true.

    My 3 N95 had a QRCode reader on it from the factory, and I know it’s everywhere in Japan already. Are they really that stupid, or do they think we are?

    Oh well, Telstra will be Telstra…

  4. I have seen the MyClick image recognition platform as well, it pretty cool. They are apparently bringing a version out soon that will do Internet image matching (any image), QR Code & MMS push/pull which covers the lot!

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