QR Codes Outperform SMS

Ladbrokes, the largest retail bookmaker in the world, has announced the results of a recent UK QR Code and SMS customer acquisition campaign to promote its mobile betting service. Printed QR Codes were placed in advertisements (image below) with a range of media giving consumers the option to respond via QR Code or SMS. QR Codes outperformed SMS by delivering over twice as many responses and a third more acquisitions. Ladbrokes used the Zappit platform for the creation and management of the campaign including tracking re-engagements. The Zappit platform was also used recently on the QR Code and NFC tagged outdoor media trial.

Ladbrokes QR Code ad in the Sun newspaper

3 thoughts on “QR Codes Outperform SMS”

  1. Curious to know the age group that was captured. A senior mktg person just told me that qr codes are mostly used by teens. The product is still too young to implement. I disagree but he’s the exec, not me.

  2. Hi Denis,

    Whilst zappit can capture a customers age, it was not utilised in this campaign as it wasn’t important.

    The results did show however that the best performing publications fit in perfectly with the most popular demographic of QR scanners, which from our results across the board seems to be the 18-34 audience.

    Saying that, other star performers for the client were publications where the demographic was slightly older, which again matches up with the fastest adopters of QR scanning (50+).

    These are our findings from this campaign and our demographics are based on the scans that come through the zappit platform.

    To say QR codes are most scanned by teens is some way off the mark in terms of what we are finding, but perhaps that is the trend in their industry/location.


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