7.2% Of Mall Stores Display A QR Code

Nellymoser have concluded an interesting study on the use of QR Codes in retail stores. They visited the five largest shopping malls in the greater Boston area during December and searched for QR Codes inside and outside every one of the 700 stores. If they found one it was scanned and classified. Nellymoser discovered that 23 of the store brands, or 7.2% of the total, contained at least one QR code. This is approximately one out of every 14 stores. None of the stores used a 2D barcode other than a QR code and the placement of the QR Code was recorded (image below). Data on how the codes were used is particularly illuminating and can be seen together with other conclusions in the full report. (PDF via email).

Table of QR Code placement in mall stores

2 thoughts on “7.2% Of Mall Stores Display A QR Code”

  1. Very interesting to see where stores are placing their QR codes. Seeing that most post it on their front window means they’re using QR codes to reel in customers or give them more information at certain things.

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