QR Code Usage In Advertising Report

Advertising tracking firm Competitrack has produced a report for 2011 that includes the analysis of 7,300 ads containing 2d codes. Key findings include:

  • A variety of 2d code types were used in these advertisements, the vast majority (87.8%) used a QR Code with Microsoft Tag a long way behind (10.2%). JagTag (0.4%), Datamatrix (0.4%), SnapTag (0.3%) and EZcode (0.1%) were at the bottom of the leauge.
  • Industry-wise, four categories accounted for nearly half of all 2D code activity; retail (21.9% of 2d code ads), technology (13.6%), financial services (6.7%) and cosmetics and personal care (6.3%) (image below).
  • Over 40.7% of the tracked 2d codes led to brand homepages or commerce-oriented sites that enabled visitors to buy a product or service and 23.2% of the ads pointed to sites that were focused on branding (image below).
2d code usage by sector - chart
2d code landing pages - chart

2 thoughts on “QR Code Usage In Advertising Report”

  1. interesting they grouped mstag and qr together.

    curious on how they determined what an accurate sample was.

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