QR Codes Make Passwords Obsolete

Rublon, the cryptographic login system that eliminates passwords has published an API for their secure QR Code enabled login. Rublon’s system uses cryptographic methods (asymmetric 2048-bit RSA keys) and secure encryption algorithms (AES 256-bit) but no passwords. It is two-factor authentication without the need for any specialised device like an electronic card or token but it simply transforms the users smartphone into a private key (video below). The free API is available to web developers and website owners and there are already plugins for popular online community platforms and WordPress. There is also direct access to the REST API so Rublon may be serviced by websites based on any programming language.

QR Code cryptographic login system in use

3 thoughts on “QR Codes Make Passwords Obsolete”

  1. First of all, Rublon, and Rublon Pass are separate mechanisms. Rublon Pass is, as You observed, just some password manager. But Rublon itself allows user to authenticate without any password. One thing is a problem – Rublon Pass works in many websites. Rublon was integrated only by few, g.e. http://higit.com/

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