QR Codes and eCommerce

An interesting study by Zmags based on a survey of 1,500 people who shop via PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones includes a surprising statistic of interest to brands using QR Codes. 87% of the consumers surveyed prefer to use websites and browser-based mobile sites for browsing and shopping, whereas only 4% prefer smartphone and tablet apps. This would suggest that brands should concentrate on improving the ROI of their mobile site rather than investing in apps offering no obvious advantage to consumers. Also it means that QR Codes resolving to the special offers on your eCommerce mobile site will be considerably more profitable than QR Codes resolving to your app download. You can download the full report here.

Infographic showing only 4% prefer apps for shopping

1 thought on “QR Codes and eCommerce”

  1. It’s annoying when you scan a QR code and then are directed to download an app to use it (ex: Flipfront) I don’t want to full up my phone with random apps. I prefer a web based mobile optimized site any day!

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