QR Coded LinkedIn Profile With Tracking

Squarepush have developed an enterprising new mobile service called PingTags. You sign up via LinkedIn and it creates a QR code for you, which links to your ‘PingTag’. The PingTag is simply a mobile enabled page with all your relevant LinkedIn information but it comes with some nice tracking features. For example it not only tracks what the user clicks on your page but also attempts to ascertain the exact location of the user when they first scan it. This is thanks to both the iPhone and Android allowing web pages to query for the users location. If the user allows it PingTags logs the exact coordinates along with the rest of the scan information. Putting a PingTag on your business card is a great idea and you don’t have to change the QR Code if you change jobs or contact numbers, just update your Linkedin entry. PingTags is in beta and 2d-code readers are invited by Mark Percival of Squarepush to try it out.

QR Codes and LinkedIn mobile service on the PingTags website

6 thoughts on “QR Coded LinkedIn Profile With Tracking”

  1. I tried it, and do like the application and the looks of the resulting landing page. Keep up the good work, Mark!

  2. Is there any way that this QR Code can automatically send a .vcf file into their phone contacts as well?

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