Stone Age Meat Gets a QR Code

A campaign by DDB, Berlin for the new Bosch VitaFresh refrigeration technology used QR Coded stone age meat to reach their target audience. The dinosaur legs, mammoth steaks and saber tooth tiger filet was placed in 24 supermarkets for 6 days and according to DDB (in the video below) resulted in 75k contacts. The QR Code resolved to an uninspiring landing page, breaks ALL the rules of QR Codes and what does “75k contacts” mean exactly?

Bosch stone age meat qr code promotion

3 thoughts on “Stone Age Meat Gets a QR Code”

  1. This is really sad news. This mean that guys from huge and famous agency do not understand principals of mobile marketing

  2. Is 75,000 contacts a poor showing? Do we know the goal of the campaign? What was DDB trying to achieve? What else was on the landing page? Was it gathering comments? Without knowing the goal of the campaign, how can we say that it was not a success? Besides, how many thousands MORE people now know about VitaFresh because of the viral campaign that has resulted? If Bosch wanted visibility for its technology, I would say it has gotten it! Not from the supermarkets, but from the bloggers.

  3. I focus only on technical site. I try to imagine how people react . I’ve have to wait 30 sec for 1MB site which does not fit to my mobile . For me this mean that they do not understand this technology and I hope that Bosch product is better that its campaign 😉

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