QR Code Watermarking Patent

We mentioned A.T. Communications in Tokyo with their embedded logos and flash video QR Codes in 2008. Then again in 2010 when Denso Corporation announced that it has licensed A.T. Communications its QR Code patent. Now in conjunction with Kagoshima University they have been granted international patent WO/2010/140639 for a system of embedding a watermark in a QR Code. Obviously this could be used to detect duplication in ticketing or payment applications. However I can’t help feeling that with NFC on the verge of mass deployment that watermarking QR Codes is only a transitory solution.

3 thoughts on “QR Code Watermarking Patent”

  1. Hi Roger – NFC’s mass deployment is currently in question, at least with Apple – http://bit.ly/eQ6dUA. Several reports have it that Apple’s new iPhone5 will not contain the NFC chip and then there’s the pesky problem of all the Smartphones in use that don’t contain the chip. I think both QR Codes and NFC will have a place and a role to play in future marketing efforts. Your articles are the best!

  2. @Neal – the iPhone market in the United States is less than 10% of the total mobile phone market. The fact that iPhone is lagging behind on NFC is not slowing down the NFC train that’s coming down the track.

    All other OS/Carrier/Device/Payment providers are collaborating and moving forward with NFC in a fashion that hasn’t been seen since when? Perhaps how the Japanese companies collaborated to standardize QR many, many years ago.

    Of equal importance, NFC is and will be embraced by large advertising budgets and companies. No more “trial/test” campaigns as they’ve done for QR. They’re throwing money and creative talent at this as a “mobile solution,” where QR came as a “print solution.”

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