QR Code ‘Voice’ Gift Tags

QR code gift tags (image below) called Santa Tags by J. C. Penney will be available free from customer service at any of their 1,100 stores this holiday season. The QR code gift tags allow gift givers to scan a QR code, record a personal voice message and affix the tag to their gift. When their gift recipient scans the QR code on the gift they can hear the personal voice message from the gift giver (video below). What are the odds that other retailers will be copying this idea in the near future?

QR Code voice gift tag

7 thoughts on “QR Code ‘Voice’ Gift Tags”

  1. This is a great idea – it works on so many levels! Delivers a real reason for both creating the initial engagement (shopper) and for the recipient to scan the code; emotional engagement with the experience and therefore the brand (for both users); social media-friendly; easily and clearly explained by the brand/retailer; a nice enticement to use the technology for people who have so far been skeptical about the usefulness of 2D/QR codes.

    JC Penney has been a retail pioneer in QR codes starting a few years back – for an older brand they are pretty hot with the technology push. Does anyone know if that is an internal digital priority or an agency-driven initiative?

  2. I love the idea that marketers are finally embracing personalization within QR.

    Context, Content, Value, Sharing = success

    Sorry Hallmark 🙁


  3. As part of our QR Voice pre launch program, AppSherpas have opened a prize draw to win one of one hundred free QR Voice Tag’s to be used this Christmas to personalise your greeting messages on gifts, greetings cards or just for fun.

    “QR Voice tags are talking QR codes that you can add to almost anything. Call our QR Voice system from your phone, record your message and we will send you a QR code to print and attach to anything you wish. Anyone with a smartphone can scan your QR Voice tag and instantly hear your message.”

    To enter go to the QR Voice website – http://www.qrvoice.co.uk.


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