QR Code ‘Video Stamp’

The world’s first ‘video stamp’ which will let consumers send a fifteen second video with their Christmas parcels has been released by Australia Post. Senders scan a QR Code on the stamp with their iPhone or Android device and record their message via the Australia Post app. They then affix the stamp to their parcel and the recipient will be able to view the message by scanning the QR Code with any scanner app. The stamps which will be available from next Monday are free with Australia Post’s Express Post and Express Courier International products. In anticipation of a successful campaign they have printed several million stamps each with a unique QR Code.

4 thoughts on “QR Code ‘Video Stamp’”

  1. I would definitely be curious to hear how well this product is received. Specifically, how many of the sent stamps are scanned by their recipients?

    Regardless, printing several million unique stamps is an impressive feat.

    I’d love to get one of these to try out, but I’m in the US. If there are any readers (of this blog/post) in Australia, let me know if you’d be willing to send one of these stamps my way, in exchange for something similar from Seattle.

  2. Hello-
    I would love to experiment with this here in the states. Any chance I can get a same stamp as well? Have any other postaloffices in the US produced this QR stamp yet?

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