18th Century Chateau Gets A QR Code

A 538 square feet QR Code now hangs on the facade of the 18th century Chateau de l’Hermine in Vannes, France (image below). Regular 2d-code readers may recall a year ago that the city of Vannes hosted an international exhibition of QR Code art. Now city officials are using the giant QR Code to promote their mobile site for the benefit of the many tourists that visit this historic town. Not only is the mobile site very informative but it also includes a scratch game and a game of tic-tac-toe for which there are numerous prizes. Implementation is by the same team that invented QR Code cows. Edit: I didn’t get that quite right. The idea originated with them but the implementation was by mobiLead, as Laurent points out in his comment below.

The Chateau de l'Hermine with a large QR Code

3 thoughts on “18th Century Chateau Gets A QR Code”

  1. We are really proud of this project.
    The QRdressCode team had that creative idea to dress a Castle in Brittany with a QR Code. Not only had they wanted a visual art to be displayed, but also a well designed QR Code to be read by any reader at a distance of 130 ft (49 m). A contest has been organized under the supervision of the mayor of the City of Vannes, David Robo, to dress the “Castle of Ermine”. The Ermine is a heraldic fur representing the winter coat of the stoat (white with a black tail).
    Our company based in Paris France, mobiLead, specialized in Optical and Radio frequency identification systems (QR Code, QR+ and NFC) was selected. We’ve designed a 678 ft² art (63m² = 9x7m). We first selected a Black and White High Definition picture, with lots of Ermines – an image to be merged with a QR+ Code (optimized shape of QR Code, designed by mobiLead). No specific test had to be done as a QR+ is an ISO/IEC 18004 compliant QR Code (Grade B, 100% Unused Error Code).
    mobiLead is one in a set of many : the QRdressCode blog, the city concil, the mayor, ID numerique for the amazing print, BookBeo for the mobile game, and last but not least : Corinne Jaillais, an artistic agent in love with branded QR Codes.

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