QR Code Turntable

Record label Kontor based in Hamburg, Germany wanted to promote house music producer Boris Dlugosch to the advertising industry. Targeting agency creative directors who are the world’s most phlegmatic professionals was not an easy brief. Normally they either pass promo CDs, USBs and MP3s onto their secretaries or just bin them.

OgilvyAction came up with a nice idea (video below). They mailed creative directors a vinyl disc with a QR Code so it could be played on a ‘turntable’ made from the envelope. The campaign was a success with 71% of the 900 turntable QR Codes activated and 42% following the link to the Kontor online store. OgilvyAction say this was 64% more than the average response and with the bonus that they received great feedback from some of the industry’s most influential people.

QR Code turntable made from the packaging

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