Evolutionary Replacement For The QR Code?

Although not exactly QR Code news 2d-code followers will be interested to read about Junaio’s release today of version 2.5 of its Augmented Reality (AR) browser. It is probably safe to say that in five+ years time we are more likely to be using some form of AR rather than some form of QR, so from time to time I will post on significant developments in this area. AR browsers have come a long way since the first simple graphic overlay onto the camera view. The image below shows an ad for the App Planet event at the GSMA Mobile World Congress that triggers a 3D App Planet circled by satellites, which can be clicked to display further information. (Full press release).

Augmented Reality ad for the Mobile World Congress

5 thoughts on “Evolutionary Replacement For The QR Code?”

  1. I think it’s terrific you’re posting these kind of related technologies and thinking about the future. QR is a bit dated in terms of a technology lifecycle even if it’s not hugely popular in the West.

    I saw this link being circulated by some QR people earlier this week. Unlike QR that waited years to migrate from Japan, this looks like it could make the leap faster?


    If that doesn’t seem like a QR experience without QR, I’m not sure what does. AR and technologies like Goggles are all hovering around as well.

    Evolution never sleeps.

  2. Bob,
    I doubt it. If even a system without any hardware on the advertiser’s side does not make it, how long will it take for a Felica-based solution to show up in avertising in europe and the US? Maybe a kind of Blutooth-push (but with the known security problems) would be a better approach.


  3. Agree that it might be dated on the technology lifecycle, definetely getting into augmented reality.

    It’s too bad that the QR code became the most popular, even though it isn’t the best.

    That just proves that open-source usually wins. The EZ Code might be smaller, better, and more readable, but ScanLife never gave the opportunity for the world to develop it like Denso-Wave has.

  4. there will always be something incrementally smaller and better.

    I put more of the focus on making things happen with what we have. A McGuyver of QR !

  5. I think the qr code still has a way to go, they are just hitting australia in small numbers, consumers like familiarity and are not keen to change

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