QR Code Tie: Tech For Your Neck

A new Kickstarter project to raise $40,000 to produce a line of QR Coded ties was launched today. QRTie describe themselves as a small, eclectic group of friends in Los Angeles and the funds will be used to ensure their ties are made in the US and provide a lifetime link for the QR Code. Through the QRTie website owners can choose where their QR Code directs, for example to their company URL by day or to their dating profile at night (video below). Each of the initial range of six ties is named after an icon of the cinema and designed in classic style. I am told by the team that that the first season for the Kickstarter project will only be in the US but they will definitely be expanding to other countries once the store goes live. Good luck to Brandon, Vanessa, Katy, Brad, and Ryan with their project!

Showing off the QR Code tie

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