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Phil Ayres from Consected emailed about their new free online barcode template generator which includes QR Codes, Datamatrix and various other barcodes. The aim is to allow users to design a template in the online WYSIWYG editor then reuse it with different data over and over again. Currently there are three QR code templates (image below). Phil says he is happy to help users with specific requirements as a completely free service and would like to make contact with businesses that have other process improvement and information management needs or who want to generate barcodes on a large scale. You can email Phil at

Examples of QR Code templates

2 thoughts on “Free QR Code Templates”

  1. Phil,
    I came across your site while trying to understand how we can use this QR code in our business. I would appreciate any help in pointing me where I can go to learn more. I sell seafood all over the world, but am a dumb_ _ _t
    when it comes to new techology like this. Thanks for any direction. QR Codes for Dummies?
    Jeff Reynolds

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