15 thoughts on “QR Code Tattoo”

  1. Looks great and a cool idea. But what happens if the ink runs and the image blurs like you see in so many old guys tatoos? How sharp do these codes have to be for the readers to recognise whats written?

  2. You can generate QR Codes with a higher Error correction rate so they will be more resilient and easier to read.

    The problem is that I don’t think they do well on curved surfaces and I wonder how well it can be read from his arm. Maybe if it is smaller. I can’t scan the QRCode on his arm.

  3. Looks cool, I was thinking of the same thing. Too bad this one doesn’t work with Goggles and other barcodescanners. If I would permanently place one on my arm I would want to be sure that it works. Can anyone explain where to get QR’s with a higher error correction.
    That said: Still looks very cool!

  4. I like it, have one booked in for a few weeks time. Customized QR Code with celtic if everything goes according to plan with cms behind it so I can change the content.

  5. Patsy, how do you add cms to the code so you can change the content? I’m not a programmer…

  6. I have tattooed 3 qr code tattoos that have all scanned, and have more lined up… from my experience, the tattoo will remain readable for a long time if done well in the first place. Likely they will last until they go obsolete. You can check my facebook (/LeviMSmith) for photos and links to the video clips I made. Sorry no links. I’m on a smartphone I don’t fully know how to use. Ha! (Link here – Editor)

  7. Its not a new idea… In 1939 – 1942 in Nazi Germany tattoos were used to keep track of jewish citizens in concentration camps..

  8. Didn’t work with inigma app on iphone from above picture but I used the google app, took a photo of it and googled searched it through the picture search. It found ‘thevoice66’

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