More QR Code Talking Heads

We posted on Victor Petit’s creative QR Code resume with a talking mouth in March (one month before Mashable!). It was such a good idea that it was certain to be copied and now it has been, by Publicis Brussels in a campaign for Reporters Without Borders (RWB). RWB is a French based international organization that advocates freedom of the press and defends imprisoned or persecuted journalists. The print ads show Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad or Putin and using Victor’s idea you can hear the voice of a journalist talking about media censorship in that particular country (video below). The idea is not copyright but I asked Victor if Publicis Brussels had the courtesy to communicate with him, he tells me they did not. I cannot find any acknowledgement on the Publicis Brussels website either so it looks like a simple case of old fashioned plagiarism.

6 thoughts on “More QR Code Talking Heads”

  1. Plagiarism? I don’t see where Publicis is claiming to have developed this interesting, but easily adopted QR technique. It’s advertising.

  2. Not plagiarism. Not even close. You’ll see a lot more of this type of integrated marketing in 2011.

  3. It’s stolen from an old Conan O’brien bit! Not the code, the talking mouth in a recognizable political figure!

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