Scan a QR Code From a Computer Screen Statistic

Marsh Internet Research in Japan have published some of the results from their QR code survey. The chart below shows that scanning from a computer screen was more prevalent than scanning from any other media. Do you think it would be the same in the West?

QR Code survey chart

4 thoughts on “Scan a QR Code From a Computer Screen Statistic”

  1. Hi Roger,

    I feel it really depends on the campaign. The brand may want you to take a little piece of the promotion with you on your phone so you have the brand connection on the go.

    It also makes sense if regualr websites are deep linking to their mobile apps through a code – this removes the need to plug-in and sync your phone with your computer.

    I think it is quite possible to see simialar results in the West – really depends on how affordable using codes in the West becomes based on licensing fees and clearing houses.

  2. This is interesting. It is in line with what we do here at Ventipix, and I have been telling clients for months, that these are the places people scan the most. We created QR Code apps that generate colored QR Codes with an embed code for people to use on their PC, and to generate flyers with colored QR Codes already overlaid on images.

    Would this be the same in the West? Yes!


    Victor Apollo

  3. Would be nice to know whether “Computer Screen” QR code usage is both digital display advertising and personal computers?

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