QR Code Strip

Americanino, a Chilean fashion brand created a pop-up QR Code event which ‘hypnotized’ young consumers and tried to get them to strip off in public (video below). The QR Code was a text message telling them to call a phone number: (In Spanish) “Cuando vives el estado hipnótico de Americanino, los cambios no se hacen esperar. Atrévete a llamar a este número +56 9 67349967, compruébalo y no te muevas de acá”. When they called the number a ‘hypnotist’ answered and started describing their entire outfit, told them that their clothes were unfashionable and invited them to strip off. Those who were bold enough to do so were rewarded with a free Americanino outfit.

1 thought on “QR Code Strip”

  1. Is there any supporting evidence that the people stripping are *not* paid by the agency? Is it just me who thinks it’s strange how they have a bag of clothes in, what seem to be, just the right sizes?

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