Street Art, QR Codes and Google Maps.

The voice of the street* have provided a service for street artists. Combining street art, QR codes and Google Maps the service allows street artists to communicate with the viewer and visa versa. More on this video…

*28 August, 2009 Unfortunately this pioneering project has now closed down.

The Voice of the Street from Leif on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Street Art, QR Codes and Google Maps.”

  1. FINALLY someone’s come up with a reason to scan a barcode with my phone! It’s about time.

    Now. If barcode-capable fones ever became popular here in the States, there’d be a chance for mayhem and art in the streets here too!

  2. BTW

    QR is finally hitting the states and as we have all been fumbling with what to call capturing 2d or qr codes with your phone. We have started calling it SLURPING makes sence and makes it way easer to talk about

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