QR Code Stencil

Last March self confessed hacktivist Fred Trotter and I exchanged emails on the topic of spray painting with QR Code stencils. He had blogged about the innate problem of “stencil islands” and the possible solutions but not yet created a working QR Code stencil. Now he has emailed to say that he has found a method that works and even has the video to prove it, which you can see here on his blog. Nice work Fred!

QR Code stencil

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  1. Hi, I checked out your post.

    This is a clever solution.

    I have found that their are a few other solutions that have worked well for me in the past.

    1. using a higher EC to account for overspray
    2. use a medium such as silk screen that allows for “stencil islands”
    3. converting Qr codes to dots and use a laser cutter.

    Patrick Donnelly

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