Smart Beach

Haeundae Beach, South Korea’s most popular beach has introduced a QR Code prepayment system to obviate the need for cash when paying for equipment hire, showers and other beach facilities. Users pay online to download a QR Code to their smartphones or purchase a QR Coded wristband from a machine at the beach (video below). All the vendors and store owners on the beach are equipped with computers to scan the QR codes. It is estimated that more than 25% of visitors to the beach are using the new system after only a few weeks.

Beach facilities payable with a QR Code
Paying with a QR Code wristband

1 thought on “Smart Beach”

  1. Looks like an ipad. I think the opportunity for people to use tablets to Scan QR codes in certain experiences has a lot of potential that we havent seen yet.

    I love the idea of using QR as a temporary wallet. Thats new.

    Patrick Donnelly

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