QR Code Shopping Truck

New York’s food trucks have a new kid on the block, PGMobile shopping trucks with QR Codes on the side (images below). The eight QR Codes enable shoppers to purchase Procter and Gamble products for home delivery from Walmart’s ecommerce site and the trucks also distribute free samples. The trucks locations are tweeted by @PGMobile and New Yorkers are encouraged to tweet requests to bring the trucks right to their office or apartment block. I suspect that the locations are more likely to be based on permits and city ordinances than tweets but it’s an interesting idea.

P&G shopping truck with QR Codes
P&G shopping truck in action

1 thought on “QR Code Shopping Truck”

  1. Limited market relying on walk bys and need. Why not use QR codes on TV ads – bigger market, captive market and would replace some stupid advertising we have to watch.

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