Handmade QR Code Shoe

Artist and designer Frank Haase (Open Air QR Code Art, QR Code Sculpture) has taken Patrick Donnelly’s idea of a QR Code on the sole of your shoe one step further (pun intended!). Frank sent me a picture of his prototype and I have modified the contrast/brightness to better show the details (image below). Frank said “I made a lot of prints with water on my terrace, which is of granite and changes the colour enormously – dependent on if it’s dry or wet. Sometimes I only got a half print, sometimes I got a quarter of it. But in some few cases they were good enough to be used by the i-nigma reader, sometimes also by kaywa. But I had problems with quickmark – all my tries to scan the shoe print with quickmark failed”.

QR Code shoe prototype
QR Code footprint

2 thoughts on “Handmade QR Code Shoe”

  1. Awesome.

    I was going to get one made on a CRC machine, but they had a fire back in DC. Cool to see that it actually works!

    Great job Frank ! Now you just need a mobile website 😉


  2. Thank you Patrick. But you need perfect conditions concerning material, colour and surface of the floor. Otherwise it doesn’t work. And you are right: I need a mobile website…
    – F

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