Food Coop Wins QR Code Shelf Tag Race

A few days ago PCC Natural Markets announced that it was planning to use QR Codes on shelf tags but it looks like they have been beaten to the draw. Reader Jack Olmsted pointed me towards this post on Port Townsend Food Coop and cheese maker Mt. Townsend Creamery using a QR Code to direct shoppers to informational videos on specific cheeses.

1 thought on “Food Coop Wins QR Code Shelf Tag Race”

  1. Hi
    We have been working with food producers for months now.
    Been in Selfridges for 6 months and Tesco for one with more to come.

    The crab soup in Selfridges has a different video each day from the food producer and can show you where the crabber is fishing in real time 😉 Spooky?


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