QR Code Comic for Middle School Students

In previous posts on teacher Jarrod Robinson’s use of QR Codes in the classroom (firstly orienteering and secondly anatomy) I said that he was “…the teacher we would all like to have had during our school days”. Now I can add to the list of inspirational teachers; Gwyneth Jones, teacher librarian at Murray Hill Middle School, Laurel, Maryland. The QR Code at a glance comic tutorial (image below) is but one example of how Gwyneth engages students. Others include asking the students to bring their cell phones to the library and having them hunt for hidden QR codes posted around the library. They discover clues that can be scanned and lead to other clues. Some clues ask questions, some take students to wiki or webpages with further information and some require the students to perform a task. When they discover the final clue and the special key code they submit it to a Google form and have a chance to win an iTunes gift card or a bundle of free books. Take a look at Gwyneth’s blog (The Daring Librarian) and you will see what I mean by inspirational.

School comic explaining QR Codes

3 thoughts on “QR Code Comic for Middle School Students”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about what we’re doing in our school! And you’re welcome in our library anytime! Just remember to bring your smartphone & return your materials on time! LOL
    the daring librarian

  2. I love what you’re doing with QR Codes. I have 4 children and my 3rd is now in 7th grade. I was wondering if I could get info on how to implement this kind of system in our library. I am not the librarian or in any way connected with the school as an employee, etc. Just thought this looked so fun!
    Thank you, Julie

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