QR Code Scavenger Hunt in New York City

For this week only Kidrobot’s New York City store shoppers, newsletter subscribers, community members and Twitter feed followers will receive daily clues that lead to Kidrobot QR Coded promotional displays placed in a secret location around the city. Successful decoders can collect daily Dunny (a collectible vinyl toy) images and become eligible for prizes. We Are Plus created the campaign’s mobile site and completed the programming required to administrate the scavenger hunt and interface with the QR Codes.

Dunny scavenger hunt poster
Front of Dunny scavenger hunt postcard
Back of Dunny scavenger hunt postcard

2 thoughts on “QR Code Scavenger Hunt in New York City”

  1. We were thinking of doing something like this in DC combined with GeoCaching. Does anyone know if this approach to civic engagement was considered successful? ROI ?


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