More Data On In-Store QR Code Scanning

A recent survey from Euromonitor International of the smartphone activities of 6,200 consumers in 15 countries shows hat the use of QR Codes while shopping is still relatively uncommon. Over 40% of respondents in developed countries have never scanned a QR Code for product information. China has the largest group of shoppers scanning QR Codes in store (20%) with Japan the lowest (under 1%). In the US the survey shows only around 4% of shoppers “often” or “almost always” scan QR Codes in stores (image below).

I am surprised to see Japan (where the QR Code is ubiquitous) with the lowest percentage. Also the US data seems to contradict last years Empathica Consumer Insights Panel survey of more than 6,500 U.S. consumers (weighted to reflect the latest census distributions including age, income, region and gender) showing that 34% of consumers scan a QR Code in store. They are probably both wrong 🙂

Chart showing in-store QR Code scanning by country

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  1. They are probably wrong because Qrafter saw over one million QR Code scans in Japan in March 2013, accounting for 56% of its scans. The second is USA with 330,000 scans, that is 16%.

    I don’t think all these people are scanning QR Codes at home. 🙂

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