Using a QR Code to Save Paper

QR Codes are being used by the association of local and regional government in Europe. The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) has over 100,000 local and regional authorities from 30 countries as Members and hence uses a lot of paper! In an effort to reduce the use of paper the CEMR has developed “Smart Cards”, a new pocket sized means of distributing their publications (images below). Each card provides a brief summary of the topic, date of publication and relevant contact information as well as a QR Code for quick and easy online access to the publication.

Interestingly they are using the url shortner so it is possible for the public to see the number of scans simply by appending a ‘+’ sign to the url.

Example of one of the new CEMR smart cards
CEMR smart cards

3 thoughts on “Using a QR Code to Save Paper”

  1. Lovely idea – I’m not sure that linking to a 1.5MB PDF is the best way to deliver documents to a mobile. There’s not even a landing page warning you about the file size.

  2. ah yes, but wouldn’t the use of ScanLife’s EZ Code save even more paper as their barcodes are reusable since you can change the destination?

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