World’s First QR Code Sail

Sponsor’s of the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics have imprinted a QR Code on their boat’s sails (image below). The world’s first QR Code on a sail was unveiled during training and competition at the second stop of the International Sailing Federation’s (ISAF) 2010-2011 Sailing World Cup in Miami. The QR Code resolves to US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics Facebook wall.

QR Code on the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics spinnaker

3 thoughts on “World’s First QR Code Sail”

  1. Have been following your blog for a long time now. Also happen to work for AlphaGraphics in SLC. Turned out pretty cool I think.

    By the way dig the site well done on keeping up with everything, always on.

  2. I cant get it to work with anything ( inigma, optiscan, qrafter, neo ) but is SURE is beautiful. Im sure its just the anglet that the photo was taken at.

    I wonder if its the curvature distortion. Its a very interesting math problem.

  3. You found an image! I was looking for one myself yesterday, but couldn’t find one anywhere. It looks good.

    Patrick – it’s definitely the curvature in this image that’s stopping the scan.

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