Possible Endless Loop of QR Codes?

Berlin based urban artist Sweza is using QR Codes to preserve graffiti for posterity by photographing the graffiti before it is removed. After the graffiti has been cleaned off by the local authorities or building owner he places a QR Code in the exact location which resolves to an image of the original. If that is cleaned off and replaced with a new QR Code that resolves to an image of the old QR Code will that be the start of endless loop?

Original graffiti and after replacement with a QR Code

3 thoughts on “Possible Endless Loop of QR Codes?”

  1. Good post, I developed this as part of a series titled The Internet of Things. The artist seem to find a way to use technology as a substrate, very cool!

  2. I like how this is kinda LoFi augmented reality.

    On the recursive nature of this idea- if a QR code loads another QR code, how can I decode that one? without saving it, and then using a separate app to decode that one. Am I missing something?

    Great original illustration.

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