QR Code Awareness Reality Check

Jefferson Graham of USA TODAY’s Talking Your Tech sampled the audience of CBS’s Let’s Make a Deal to find what they knew about QR Codes (video below). Some had used them for discounts, sweepstakes, product information and to scan real estate sign riders but 70% of the people he spoke to had no idea what he was talking about.

5 thoughts on “QR Code Awareness Reality Check”

  1. Would it not be a lot faster to create QR Code awareness to simply go through the Mobile Carriers, such as AT&T, to introduce Mobile Users to the New and Exciting technology.
    Simply stick a small advertisement with their monthly bill, and you bring awareness to milions in a single round.
    How do you pay for this advertisement?
    Just have the QR Code on that introduction, which many users will scan, resolve into some advertisement which is sold to a business or someone before the carrier inserts it into the users bill, envelope or electronic.

    I hope this idea can be picked up and acted upon.

  2. This is great news IMO! There is so much room for growth. It’s all about lack modern smartphone devices. If you look at the market and exclude older Blackberrys from the equation, about 65% of people still dont have the phones yet!

  3. I think that this shows the rule of 80/20. 20% of the people make up for 80% of the use. This leaves room for growth and acceptance that not everyone will use them no matter how convenient they become. (Example: the Debit card at the market vs the check book)

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