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Clikbrix the first QR Code vertical for real estate professionals now has competition. A startup called is using QR Codes (they call them Toor Tags) that resolve to a mobile site with user defined content. The UI has nice features and is really simple to use (images below) and at $21.95/month for an unlimited number of QR Codes with Mobile pages looks very competitive. user interface for the input of property details user interface for previewing property details

2 thoughts on “New QR Code Real Estate Vertical”

  1. Realtors (traditionally) utilize web portals and templates. Taking on any additional work or expense, even nominal, is not in their DNA.

    While it may seem like a gold mine and natural market, Realtors are either the last-adopters or the cheapest (both?). Unless you offer a solution to make their existing template/format mobile friendly, I don’t see them taking on an entirely new format to manage.

    We all know it makes sense for them to make mobile engagement easier. It will pay off for them. But, Realtors DO NOT WANT PEOPLE to get information about a Property unless that same Realtor acquires their phone number and can hound them.

    If you speak with anyone in print advertising, they all share the same opinions about Realtors. Top that off with, in the States, the worst housing market ever? And, the amount of average marketing dollars a Realtor invests into each Sale?

    I’m just not buying into Realtors taking on QR Tags in any volume.

    They want a phone call from a drive-by. Their phone number is right there on the sign. You don’t need a QR Tag and delayed engagement. Or worse, a 1-way engagement.

  2. Mel, I think you are missing the point.

    What we offer is essentially a sexy digital flyer, hopped up on social sharing, with easy access via QR. Not only does this bring huge advantages over a traditional flyer (increased exposure through sharing, additional photos and information, one-tap contact to the agent, etc) but it also reduces (if not eliminates) flyer costs and the hassle of restocking flyer boxes.

    I would argue that this form of engagement is better than text solutions. No other industry uses “text for information” because the UX is horrible and the technology is extremely limiting. Its more of a broadcast than an engagement. And the “lead gen” aspect of it is ridiculous. An agent calling a harvested number off a text-for-info service is a bad way to start a relationship with a buyer. Equipping them to easily contact you if they are interested in your property is a much better approach.

    As for the “entire new format to manage” — this is true. For the most part we can’t automatically import their listings into our service. However, utilizing allows the Realtor to discontinue using archaic, flash-based virtual tour solutions. Not only do we provide mobile, but also desktop versions of the listings. So the effort factor is a wash.

    Getting into “extremely cheap” — We understand this, and this is why we are priced at half of what most traditional virtual tour providers are priced at. Not only do we bring more to the table, have a friendlier, easier to manage interface, but we will save you money.

    Factor this into the cost-savings on flyers, and the technology makes a lot of sense from a fiscal standpoint. There are also huge benefits in the “Green” appeal of paper reduction and less gas consumption stocking flyer boxes.

    Overall, I’d agree with you. QR isn’t the savior. However, goes beyond QR, providing a solution to Real Estate that will revolutionize the industry.

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