QR Code Reader Test Suite

Color Card Administrator (CCA) a business card design and online business card management company has constructed a comprehensive test suite to determine the functionality and accuracy of QR Code readers (example tests below). Each QR Code reader will undergo a series of readability and interpretation tests such as phone numbers, SMS links, VCards, MeCards, events, Twitter, YouTube videos and Facebook. Open to all developers of QR Code readers the test begins on May 1st, 2011 and readers that pass the test will be awarded with a CCA seal of quality.

QR Code SMS test
QR Code VCard test

5 thoughts on “QR Code Reader Test Suite”

  1. We collaborated actively with CCA on these tests and Qrafter is the only iPhone reader that can detect everything in this test. In fact, it’s ahead of Apple’s own vCard implementation, that’s why iPhone cannot show some fields that Qrafter can detect (while inserting them into address book successfully).


  2. Thanks Roger. But it’s a shame that I am the only developer that responded to them and worked together on this test. I think every developer should try to support the standards in this test. Perhaps quantity does not bring quality (quantity being download numbers and revenue). 😉

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