QR Code Quilt

Rubi McGrory emailed me about her magnificent QR Code quilt (image below). 50 inches square and made of second hand materials Rubi says “All of the fabric came from second hand clothes from a charity shop. I pulled the material for the quilt backing out of my garage before my husband used it as a dropcloth. It was pretty tricky to make, between the necessary precision of the grid structure and working with materials of different weight and stretch. I couldn’t be sure the code would actually work until the whole thing was complete, unsure of the threshold for color and mistakes. I wouldn’t know where the hiccup occurred. It was a very long wait between when I tried to decode it and received the response”. If you live in Savannah, Georgia you can see the quilt and more of Rubi’s art work at the Oglethorpe Gallery.

Quilt with a QR Code

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