94% Of Smartphone Owners Recognize QR Codes

Shopper scanning a QR Code.Here is some interesting data on the use of QR Codes from a recent survey by PRS of 1,450 US consumers.

  • 54% of the shoppers surveyed own a smartphone.
  • 76% use them while shopping.
  • Roughly half of those who do use their smartphones while shopping use them to check prices, find promotions, read product reviews, or get product information.
  • The most common categories to shop with smartphones are Electronics (64%), Consumer Packaged Goods (57%) and Clothing/Apparel (54%).
  • Only 57% are aware of the term “QR Code” but 94% recognize them when seeing one.
  • 44% of those who use smartphones while shopping have actually used QR Codes.

The fact that 94% of smartphone owners recognize a QR Code when they see one but only 54% of them are aware of the term “QR Code” is a little puzzling. The only factor I can think of that may account for this is that QR Codes are never labelled as QR Codes when consumers see them.

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