QR Code Protest Signs Have Arrived

Signs are a standard accessory for protesters and it was inevitable that a QR Code protest sign would appear in public eventually. US Uncut (who are opposed to corporate tax avoidance and public service cuts across the U.S.) demonstrated at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference yesterday dressed in full length spandex bodysuits decorated with QR codes (images below). The QR Code resolved to a YouTube video entitled: Apple: Tax Cheating Doesn’t Sync With My Values.

Protesters with QR Code signs

1 thought on “QR Code Protest Signs Have Arrived”

  1. Its actually a really good video on the other side.

    I am unsure about the need for spandex though. Plus, I am not sure I am motivated enough or understand the logic of telling apple fans that they are “trying” to evade taxes. I am not familiar with their SEC fillings personally. But, I took notice. 🙂

    Patrick Donnelly

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