Winning Ad Is A QR Code

The National Newspapers of Ireland March 2012 ‘Press Ad of the Month’ was a QR Code made entirely from food (image below). The ad for Brancott Estate Australian wine was created by Dublin agency Boys and Girls and the QR Code resolved via a tinyurl to a competition page (using a mobile device). This is not the first food QR Code by any means and you will find ten of the best previous attempts in Edible QR Codes.

QR Code made entirely from food

2 thoughts on “Winning Ad Is A QR Code”

  1. Very nice job from Brancott, who seem to be using social media very well at the moment. I was too late to see the resolve for this advert, but they had at least updated it with a message and links!

    Only one niggle. The Twitter and Facebook icons don’t give any clue what pages/handles I should go to, only that I should search for them. Not ideal.

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