The Secret Life Of A QR Code Plush Toy

Here is an unlikely QR Code story as you will ever find, you couldn’t even make it up. A new range of plush animal toys with QR Codes on their stomachs is about to hit the market (video below). For boys and girls aged 5+ ‘Scanimalz’ look to combine three things that kids love, cuddly toys, collecting things and playing games on smartphones.

By downloading the Scanimalz app and scanning the QR Codes you can create an account, register your toys, track your collection and play games. You collect points and win prizes using the app and the more Scanimalz you own the better your chances of winning. (Parents be warned there are over 30 of them!)

Believable so far? At this stage readers who do not recall a previous post on the hotel room covered in QR Codes resolving to pornographic images, texts and videos, should refresh their memory here.

In case you wondered who would use a hotel room like that, if you look on the Scanimalz Facebook page the timeline images posted by the Scanimalz team include one of a plush toy character enjoying a short stay in that very room! I doubt the image will be there for long now that I have discovered it, so I have provided some screenshots below.

March 4, 2013 Edit (added): Obviously Scanimalz have nothing to do with the hotel room, someone just blundered and superimposed the toy on the wrong picture.

There, I said you couldn’t make it up!

Scanimalz Facebook screenshot

March 4, 2013 Edit: Faces in image above blanked out.

Scanimalz Facebook image

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