QR Code Placement on Ladies T-shirts

The sixth annual Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at the Mazda Raceway in Monterey, California commenced today. The Tappin girls are there (image below) promoting Tissot watches and they may have solved the old problem of QR Code placement on ladies T-shirts!

Great QR Code placement

7 thoughts on “QR Code Placement on Ladies T-shirts”

  1. Why is this so deeply troubling?

    Talk about “targeting” and objectification. Here, take a picture of my lower belly?

    Maybe this is how QR goes mainstream? From the Sports Illustrated swimsuit girls, to CK’s breast video to “hey, here’s my crotch, take a pic (just slightly North) for some fun.”

    There has to be a better way? We have to evolved a bit more than this?

  2. @vincent: Hats would have been more tasteful. 3″ higher would have been less of a crotch-targeting design.

    Backs are relatively flat. I’d even think that use of side-thigh would have been sexy, but tasteful.

    I feel sorry for the models, even if it’s their job, to have a bunch of guys stand around and take pics of their crotches as an excuse to launch a mobile web page.

    It’s a tasteless campaign and makes Tags seems like a gimmick.

  3. @samual Oh give me a break, dork. This wasn’t the intention at all. We were a HIT. This was by far the most sophisticated outdoor QR code promotion in sporting event history. Prove otherwise, Roger. Tappinn – BEYOND the CODE. The platform speaks for itself.

  4. @Nick – Did you really use the word “sophisticated?”

    First, no one is challenging the campaigns success or failure. What’s raised is the “cheapness” you employed to get results. You took the easy approach, nothing sophisticated at all.

    It’s pretty down market.

    Anyone can get traffic with a pretty girl, boobs and an instruction to stare/photo their crotch. There was no innovation or clever thinking, the campaign went for the cheap and easy and any other representation is misleading or inaccurate.

    Putting glasses on a pretty girl doesn’t mean she’s “sophisticated.” But, you can entertain the fantasy.

  5. This blog is about 2d codes not a forum for debating sex in advertising.

    QR Code fig leaf anyone?

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