The Fragrance Of A QR Code

There are some marketing gimmicks that transcend rational explanation. How about a perfume with a URL as its name and a blue QR Code bottle design in neon-yellow? Bond No. 9 HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM is just that (image below) and will launch onlne in June at $250 for 100ml. The brand claim the “Once you have it in-hand and spray it on, you’ll generate lots of person-to-person QR of your own”. Scanning the QR Code currently takes you directly to the Brand’s desktop website with apparently no QR Code management. Without any sense or irony they refer to it as their “new tech-savvy fragrance”.

One thought on “The Fragrance Of A QR Code”

  1. Hi Roger, Wow – opportunities missed. I encourage brands to really think about what they want to offer consumers and how mobile engagement can facilitate that experience. Then, by all means, create content that is usable on handheld devices, both in terms of layout and weight (download speed). Be creative and keep your content mobile – there is a world of opportunity out there for those who do. Here’s my agency’s litmus test for successful QR Code advertising: After scanning a QR Code, does the experience bring a smile to your face and does it make you feel like scanning the code again. If you’ve got that – you’ve got a solid QR Code-to-mobile campaign.

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