Sponsor a QR Code Paint Job

The City of Manor, Texas has been using QR Codes for some time now so we should not be surprised by their latest clever idea. Apparently it’s time to repaint the towns elevated water storage tank and they are looking for a sponsor for the project. The sponsor gets to have the first ever QR Code on a water tower together with their logo for the cost of the repainting which is estimated at $15K. If you are interested email innovations@cityofmanor.org

City of Manor water tower

Photo by WTWS

1 thought on “Sponsor a QR Code Paint Job”

  1. On a technical level, cool.

    On a cultural level, this is disheartening. When you travel the World, there is local iconography and flavour that represents the region and culture.

    Replacing the Mustang with a QR Tag? How about replacing the face of Big Ben with a Tag? Or, put some on the sides of the pyramids.

    Not every space should be an advertising space. Not every space should include abstract QR iconography in favour of regional design.

    I fear our over-zealousness with regard to QR often fails to consider QR in relation to design and culture. I am a massive proponent of QR, but, if we put them “everywhere,” they will over-saturate, lose their value and we’ll also lose visual design elements that are instantly understandable without need of a mobile intermediary experience.

    I’d like the water tower to remain a photo worth taking (small town Texas) not a piece of data that needs to be parsed.

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